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Urban Steady Groove Mai 2012

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Cette édition URBAN STEADY GROOVE fût super belle !!
la saison 2011/2012 de l’ USG a vraiment bien démarré elle se termine en beauté..
tout était là, le public en nombre, les danseurs qui ne cessent de progresser, l’ambiance plus qu’au top, l’un des meilleurs Poppers mondiaux NELSON , et le père d’un des meilleurs événements en europe le Funkinstylez, TAKAO .
Merci à vous tous encore une fois, ce fût une belle fête pour la danse HipHop !!!
Merci à Nelson et Takao, ce fût un honneur de vous recevoir à Lyon.
Un remerciement spécial pour le Ninkasi qui me permet de vous proposer ce genre de privilège que trop peu ont la chance d’avoir…. le NINKASI est une chance pour la danse hiphop à Lyon. Souvenons nous en.
J’espère que vous avez bien profité des USG de cette saison et que vous avez encore de l’appétit pour la prochaine qui vient.
En attendant je vous convie au prochain rendez-vous du SUNDAY CIRCLE, Dimanche 10 JUIN… A Bientôt !!

USG Mai 2012


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How did you get interested in dance ?
I have got interested in dance when I was 12. It was through the music like public enemy or run dmc, through the music I came to dance
How long you dance?
First contact to dance till now is over 25 years
Have you got a crew (or your crews)?
My crew or company is called emotion, and I am also involved in a project called urbanatix is not a crew but it is a show team
How did you create this event « Funkin Stylez « ?
funkin stylez was created by myself and amigo; but also other people like nadia , huy, junhee or flyingstpes helped us creating the first edition, we created this event cause there was no scene for top dancing in germany in 2003
We did everything for the dance in germany, especially for the underground scene
What is your career? I did many things, I did many many commercial work as a dancer, dancing for groups like spice girls or dancing for industries, the last 5 years I am working more and more in theaters choreographing theater pieces and choregraphing for industries,

What is your image of Hip Hop?
Difficult to say, we always say dance, unity, love and having fun but now through the popularity of battles, everything starts to change, hip hop getting more and more business, its good and bad in the same time, for me hip hop is my life in every meaning
Where does your style? (Your main influences, if there …)
I have many styles; but my roots is hip hop and house
Do you have a particular anecdote? Your best memory?
Many but I can remember the first edition of funkin stylez killed my bank account,
What are your plans? And what are your goals in dance?
We want to go to the next level with our work, means getting better in organizing, My goal for this year is to push the locking, cause in germany and I think in general it is the dance style that needs a big push and refresh to survive
The last word … thanks for having me here
Small Dedications:
Mr sly I will learn scratching you will see you can call me dj takik